Canadian Folk Music Awards

The mission of the Canadian Folk Music Awards is to celebrate and promote Canadian folk music in all its forms. Sneezy was nominated for an award in 2012.

In this video, Sneezy talks about the nomination, his career, and the state of folk music in Canada.

Sneezy Waters in Ancaster, Ontario in 2012

A fan video from 2012Music at Fieldcote, June 24, 2012 in Ancaster Ontario – Featuring Sneezy Waters and the Very Fine Band.

This movie turned me into a Hank Williams fan. Before, I was mostly into rock, and pop. But when HBO played this a million times during the 80s, slowly got more into it, until his music was blowing me away. One time, after mentioning this in front of my girlfriend’s family, her father insisted I borrow his double album of Hank Williams greatest hits. It was the only time he actually liked me.